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The benefits of choosing Serendipity Wellness Center to address your acute or chronic pain condition:

     Acupuncturists who will listen to you and your whole story from the beginning

     Treatments that produce positive results.

     An acupuncturist who treats your body as whole, never just your symptoms. Our   

      goal is to make sure your symptoms never come back.

Your clinic experience will include:

        Outstanding customer service by a compassionate acupuncturist who cares deeply about your experience at Serendipity Wellness Center and who will help you achieve your health goals.

        A monthly newsletter with valuable health related information on Serendipity Wellness Center’s website.

        An informational website which describes our services, upcoming events and contains answers or research to questions you may have regarding Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs and pain management

        An acupuncturists who writes prescriptions for customized Herbal Formulas, designed to address your personal health needs.

        Serendipity Wellness Center accepts and bills health insurances:

        Provides a free insurance check for all of our clients explaining your acupuncture benefits toyou.

        Bills all insurances, which cover Acupuncture treatments.

        Can assist you with your motor vehicle accident's Personal Injury claims.

        Communicate regularly with you and with any other providers you are seeing.

        We look forward to helping you conquer your pain, and invite you to call us today to schedule an appointment at (253) 394-1466 or book directly online at:

What to Expect during your 1st Acupuncture Visit

Before the initial appointment, the patient will need to complete our health history questionnaire. This will provide us with necessary information to help understand your condition. The acupuncturist then interviews the patient, asking about his or her primary health concern, temperature, appetite, headaches, stress, andsensitivity to foods, sleep, lifestyle habits, diet, emotions, and menstrual cycle, etc. During the interview, the acupuncturist examines the client carefully, noting his or her face color, voice, breathing, posture and tongue color and coating. There are also three pulse points at the wrist of each hand that the acupuncturist will assess to further determine the patient's health.


After the interview, the acupuncturist writes up a diagnosis and begins the treatment. Typically, the acupuncturist will use 6-12 needles during the treatment. The number of needles used does not correspond with the intensity of the treatment, rather it is the precise placement of the needles that is important.

The initial appointment can take any where from 60 to 120 minutes. This will depend on what the patient is seeking treatment for. The follow up treatments last about 45 to 60 minutes. 

The acupuncturist may also use the following healing modalities during the treatment:

   Moxibustion -heating of acupuncture needles with dried herb sticks to activate and warm the acupuncture point. Also known as "Moxa".

   Cupping - theapplication of glass cups to create a suction on the skin. This is to relievestagnation of qi and blood and remove blockages.

    Electro-stimulation- provides electrical stimulation to two to four acupuncture needles. Used for pain relief and muscle pain and spasms.

    TDP lamp - heat therapy

       Tuina massage therapy

    Herbal medicine -Chinese herbs may be prescribed in the form of teas, pills, and   capsules to supplement acupuncture treatment.