Benefits of Seattle Acupuncture & Pain Management

The benefits of choosing Seattle Acupuncture & Pain Management to address your acute or chronic pain condition:
- An acupuncturists who will listen to you and your whole story from the   beginning
- Treatments that produce positive results.
- An acupuncturist who treats your body as whole, never just your symptoms. So   your symptoms don't come back.

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Herbal Medicine & Other Therapies

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    Seattle Acupuncture & Pain Management strives to establish greater access to acupuncture.

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    Seattle Acupuncture and Pain Management Uses a variety of modalities...

Group Therapies

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    Community Acupuncture

    Our clinic maintains affordable rates by treating multiple patients... Read More

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    Adjunct Cancer Therapy

    To address symptoms such as lack of appetite, nausea, edema, pain, dry mouth or fatigue. Read More

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    Post Stroke Rehabilitation

    We take strokes seriously and we know that the sooner you get treatment ... Read More